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I’ll be subbing the following classes in the next few weeks.

Savannah Yoga Center

Wed… 7/20/11……4-5pm Community Flow All Levels Yoga…. $10

Yoga Co-Op Savannah

Sunday…7/24/11…..5-5:15 Prenatal Yoga…..$10 members/$13 non-memb

Sunday…7/31/11…..5-5:15 Prenatal Yoga…..$10 members/$13 non-memb


I’ll be subbing 7-8:15pm PEACE IN/PEACE OUT class at the Yoga Co-Op, this FRIDAY- July 15, 2011. Join me for a class that is 45 minutes of vinyasa and 30 minutes of slower, deeper, yin-like muscle releasing. It’s the best of both worlds. So, bang a gong and get your Yin and Yang ON! See you on the mat!

Members rate: $10, Non-members: $13. Walk ins welcome!



Thanks to all who made Saturday’s leg of Yoga-Fest a fantastic day! It was great to see you all for my Flow and Restorative classes today. For those of you who couldn’t make it to the Savannah Yoga Center today, you still have tomorrow to take part in our FREE classes. I won’t be teaching tomorrow, but you can head on down and take class with an aray of SYC’s teachers.

For all you dedicated yogis and to those who are just embarking on your yoga path, I’ve got a little treat for you. Usually my classes at Savannah Yoga Center are $14 ($12 for students/firefighters/military & public teachers) however, my classes next week will only be $10.

7/13……….Wed. 5:30pm Beginners

7/13………..Wed. 7:30pm HOT Dynamic Flow

7/16………..Sat. 11am Flow

7/16………..Sat. 1pm Restorative 

Nothing to print. No secret handshakes. Just come in to one of the classes above and get yer yoga on for just $10. Namaste, and see you on the mat

There are  only a few more slots open for my  3 hour comprehensive yoga workshop, HANDS~HEART~FEET tomorrow, Sunday, June 12th,  1-4pm at the Savannah Yoga Center. We’ll focus on 6 different yogic methods that can help us create the space to be present and to cultivate the inquisitiveness to our internal experience that is required for walking deeper on our path.

This workshop is for anyone interested in not only honing their physical practice, but also in practicing techniques that give us the foundation to live our yoga off the mat as well.

If you’ve already registered, please bring water, your yoga mat if you have one and any props that you use regularly. We will have mats and props for those who don’t have their own.

Register in person at 1319 Bull St. Savannah, GA,  online at or by phone: 912.232.2994

I’ll be permanently teaching the Sunday night 5:30pm Yin Class at the Yoga Co-Op Savannah. In this Yin class we will not only focus on holding poses to increase connective tissue mobility, but we will also incorporate gentle muscle releasing poses, calming pranayama and restorative poses. Come join me to practice slowing down and letting go. (Members $10/Non members $13)

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Beginning May 17th, I’ll be teaching a Tuesday 1pm Yoga class at St. Thomas Episcopal Church on beautiful Isle of Hope. This class is for all levels, primarily focusing on honing poses for strength and flexibility as well as the restorative aspects of Yoga  (i.e. this is not a Dynamic Flow kind of class.) The class is open to the entire community of Savannah, regardless of religious affiliation or yoga experience.

Tuesday, May 17th begins our 6 weeks of sessions for $60. To sign up and to secure your space, email:  Rev. Deacon Geri Lee Nelson at or call her at (912) 355-3110

St. Thomas Episcopal Church is located at 2 St. Thomas Ave. on Isle of Hope

Join me, Sunday, June 12th,  for my 3 hour comprehensive yoga workshop, HANDS~HEART~FEET at the Savannah Yoga Center. We’ll focus on 6 different yogic methods that can help us create the space to be present and to cultivate the inquisitiveness to our internal experience that is required for walking deeper on our path.

This workshop is for anyone interested in not only honing their physical practice, but also in practicing techniques that give us the foundation to live our yoga off the mat as well.

Register in person at 1319 Bull St. Savannah, GA,  online at or by phone: 912.232.2994

Join me this Saturday at 1:15pm for my new Restorative Class at the Savannah Yoga Center. My Restorative class focuses on releasing muscle tension, pranayama to soothe and calm, and allowing the body and mind the opportunity to slow down and let go.

This is a gentle practice that is great for those who are new to yoga, those healing and for seasoned yogis who want to balance their vigorous practices with gentle practices.

My regular Saturday Yoga Flow class from 11am-12:30pm continues as usual, for those who are looking for a more dynamic practice on Saturdays.

What is more sacred than to bring nourishment to another human being–spiritually, emotionally and quite literally by bringing food to those who need it?

Senior hunger is a serious threat to nearly 6 million seniors in the United States each year.  Nationwide, the Meals on Wheels program works to alleviate senior hunger.  Each day, the MOW program serves over 1,800 hot meals to homebound seniors in Chatham County and 6 surrounding counties.  They depend on the commitment of their wonderful volunteers to deliver these meals and hope to be able to expand the numbers of clients they serve with the help of more volunteers in the future.

The commitment to volunteer is one hour a week during lunchtime and they try to match volunteers to routes that are near where they live or work.   Offices and church groups can adopt routes and share in the responsibility together.  The Meals on Wheels program not only nourishes seniors, it gives them daily interaction with volunteers and gives family members peace of mind that someone is checking up their loved ones each day.

This year, MOW is hosting their  first annual 5K on May 14th.  Information and registration can be found on their website:  and at fleetfeet: To learn more about volunteering visit:

They are also looking for volunteers to help out on race day.  Anyone interested can contact lovely, fellow Yoga teacher and Director of Volunteers for Senior Citizens, Inc., Lauren Cruickshank directly at And be sure to spread the word!

Join your fellow Yogis and Yoginis for a great time at this year’s Global Mala. You can sign up online at


Global Mala is a worldwide yoga event that brings yogis together to not only practice asana, but also to create potency to the intentions of peace, love and kindness to all. This year, Jeffrey Cohen of Jivamukti Yoga in Charleston will be leading the practice here in Savannah in Johnson Square. It will be a rockin’ flow style of practice with lots of energy. Not only is Global Mala a fun event and a great way to connect with fellow yogis, the money raised from the registration costs go to a worthy cause each year. This year, I am the humble recipient of what we raise for the event.

When local Global Mala organizer,  Kate Taylor, of The Yoga Co-Op here in Savannah, heard about my nasty bicycle accident and the hefty medical bills that I accrued from the hospital and doctors, she contacted me and proposed that I be the beneficiary of this year’s Global Mala. I was immediately touched and honored and as time passed, I felt something even more surfacing within me.

The accident was over a few months ago, but the effects of that day linger. Besides the looming medical bills, my body is still adjusting and healing to this day. My heart and mind as well. My physical injuries, thankfully not life threatening, were such that I was essentially housebound for weeks. The skin of the right side of my body was torn off, my hip, knee and face were significantly banged up. I had a nasty concussion, lots of contusions and my left ankle was broken, along with the tendons and ligaments torn.

All I could do for weeks was rest and meditate. I listened to healing affirmations, healing frequencies and chanted healing mantras. I literally did this day in and day out. I had no resistance, no attachment to an outcome. I was simply allowing. The doctor said I would be in the cast for 8 weeks and because of the torn ligaments and tendons, I wouldn’t be walking for 12 weeks, however, within two and a half weeks my ankle had healed enough to no longer need my cast and I was walking around. Within a month, I found myself hiking in the Grand Canyon- appreciating not only the spectacular views around me, but also the wonder of my own healing body. The doctor didn’t quite believe it, even as he watched me walk across his office. He still doesn’t. Fortunately, his belief is not required.

Still, I had a ways to go with healing, much of it emotional and spiritual. Part of this healing came in the form of so much love from friends, family and strangers. Beyond the obvious gift of helping me raise money to pay the many bills accrued from being out of work for over a month and medical fees, the generosity of heart that so many have extended to me, has given me the opportunity to practice receiving love with grace- a practice that I have not yet mastered but that I am learning more and more about each day thanks to all of you.

I had been much more comfortable being the giver- whether it was a kind word, a shoulder to lean on or the money in my pocket, it was easy for me to give. As it turns out, however, I wasn’t able to receive graciously very well- to receive without guilt or shame or the immediate need to repay to “make things fair”. It became clear that if I couldn’t receive love and kindness with the same openness that I was able to give it, then I wasn’t living as openly and fluidly as I wanted to. I was resisting the natural flow of things.

We only need to notice our breathing for the most obvious of examples: every inhale is followed by exhale and every exhale followed by inhale. We allow the breath in. We allow the breath out.  We cannot do one or the other. We must allow both to move through us. Being the beneficiary of so much kindness and love lately, I have been given the opportunity to practice the beauty of receiving gracefully. I had become quite adept at giving freely, but what is an exhale without the inhale? The natural flow of love is to both give and receive.

What I know to be true is that Love, whether in the form of a hug, a kind word, or food, shelter or help during tough times- we all deserve it. Unconditionally. Not when we reach a certain state of being, not when we get the right job, not when we lose the weight, not when we make amends, not when we not when we become “better”. Not at some future destination. We all deserve Love right now. Right now. Each of us. All of us. Me. You. And it starts by practicing knowing this from within. It starts by Loving ourselves.

I am not only the beneficiary of the money raised from Global Mala, the SYC Calendar, and the donations of many others. Through your offering of love and kindness, I have been given the opportunity to receive graciously, to be inquisitive to where I am living opening and expansively and to notice where I have walls that I have built up against love and this time, I have taken some of those bricks down. The sage Rumi said it so well:

Your task is not to seek for love,

but merely to seek and find

all the barriers within yourself

that you have built against it.

Your love and kindness is not lost on me and as I extend it back to you, know that it comes freely and from a place of deep knowing that we are all worthy, just as we are.

Dawn Smith

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