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Beginning Monday, September 12th, 10am, Kate Jacobson will be teaching a Restorative Yoga Class at the Yoga Co-Op. Woo hoo!  I feel strongly about adding more Gentle, Restorative and simply slower more mindful classes to the yoga options in Savannah. Don’t get me wrong, I love a vigorous class and flow can absolutely be a mindful practice. Those of you who take some of my flow classes can attest that they are quite challenging both physically and mentally. However, without balancing mindfulness and breath with asana, then it’s really just Jazzercise, now isn’t it? So slowing things down can be essential for most people in this hectic day and age. Most of us can relate to stressed out minds and bodies. Some of us are healing from injury or just need some extra TLC and that’s when a Restorative Class can really make a difference.

Kate describes her class like so:  “This Restorative Class will emphasis reducing the effects of stress. It is especially beneficial for times before, during and after major life events such as the death of a loved one, change of job or residence, marriage, divorce, etc. This restorative practice is helpful to counter the effects of a busy, fast-paced lifestyle.”

So I know that there aren’t a ton of Gentle or Restorative Classes compared to the intense flow yoga that’s out there but now you have one more opportunity to practice taking care of yourself. Join Kate Mondays 10am at the Yoga Co-Op starting September 12th. Make time for it. You are worth it.


In addition to my regular schedule, I’ve added a Super Gentle/Restorative Class Wednesday nights 7:30pm at the Savannah Yoga Center. Gentle classes are a great way to realign your body, de-clutter your mind and take care of yourself.

This class will be beneficial to those who are healing from injuries, overly stressed as well as for those who want to simply maintain a balanced and mindful state of being. I encourage everyone to balance their vigorous classes with Gentle/Restorative classes as well.

As a gift to you, CLICK HERE to  print a special pass to attend my Gentle Class for $9 (regularly a $14 class). Pass expires April 30th, but you can print as many as you’d like and use one each week until they expire!


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