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Starting May 2014, Wednesdays at 4:15 at Spacious Heart Yoga in Goshen, IN– I’ll be teaching a Restorative Yoga Class. Restorative is super duper gentle and perfect for those who are healing from injuries, those experiencing chronic stress¬†and also those who seek to balance their more vigorous practices with a softer practice.

Restorative Yoga w/Dawn at Spacious Heart Yoga

Restorative Yoga w/Dawn at Spacious Heart Yoga

Restorative Yoga is all about unraveling the body & mind through gentle nurturing & lots of restorative adjustments. Using props to help the body to release tension and allow muscle to soften, this class is suited for anyone looking to de-stress and nurture themselves. The class will end in a guided Yoga Nidra (deep yogic sleep) practice to allow for the benefits of deep restoration.

A softer, quieter class like Restorative is important when developing and maintaining a regular yoga practice. Balancing your more vigorous or challenging practices with a restorative practice each week can not only help your practice on the mat be more balanced, but also remind you to practice the necessary balance of yin and yang off the mat too.

Starting May 2014…. Restorative Wednesdays w/Dawn ¬†4:15-5:15pm at Spacious Heart Yoga in Goshen, IN

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