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Join me at Spacious Heart Yoga in Goshen, Indiana

for my  Hands ~ Heart ~ Feet Workshop

Click on the Flyer to Enlarge

Click on the Flyer to Enlarge

6 METHODS to CULTIVATE A THOROUGH YOGA PRACTICE ON and OFF the MATSaturday – May 31, 2014 – 1-4pm

*Pranayama– breathing techniques to energize as well as soothe
*Mantras– using sound to clear and balance internal vibration
*Mudras– activating pressure points to both stimulate & calm energy centers
*Asana– physical postures to strengthen/challenge & postures to release/restore
*Meditation– stilling the body & observing the internal experience
*Yoga Nidra– guided practice of deep yogic sleep to reconnect to the deeper sense of self

This 3 hour Workshop will offer students the opportunity to integrate yogic practices to serve them ON and OFF the mat. There will be some vigorous asana and students attending should be well-versed in foundational yoga postures as well as be able to safely engage in a challenging practice for at least one hour.

In addition to asana, this workshop will include introductory level practices of Mantras, Mudras, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra so that students may begin cultivating a more encompassing practice of mindfulness to take off the mat, into the world.

Investment: $30 (by May 24) / $35 (after May 24)

Click HERE to register online


If you haven’t been to a Rockin’ Kirtan yet in your life, I highly recommend it. Kirtan is  music based in call and response chanting and it’s simply dreamy.  Every culture seems to have its version of it tucked in some part of social interactions. Singing in rounds around the campfire, Native American chanting ceremonies, etc.

Come on, you’ve been to a concert when the lead singer says, “Alright, we need your help with this song. We say, ‘I wanna rock n roll all night’ and you say, ‘and party everyday.‘ (Yes, I have seen Kiss live. Booyah!) Even rockers know the power of call and response chanting. The movement and the vibration of sound within you and all around you, is powerful.


Benjy and Heather Wirtheimer of Shantala

So whether you practice yoga or not, you really shouldn’t miss this opportunity to experience Kirtan. Not to mention, Shantala, a husband wife duo, Benjy and Heather Wirtheimer, are amazing musicians and simply lovely. The bonus to the whole evening of Kirtan is that Benjy kind of looks like Will Ferrell in person,  which makes me totally want to bring a cowbell


Kirtan with Shantala starts at 7pm, Sun. Sept. 27, 2009.

(A few hours after my workshop!)     

Tickests are $20 early registration and $25 day of.   You can register online at  Savannah Yoga Center or call 912.232.2994

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