Ok, gang… If you’ve been holding on off getting a massage, you won’t want to miss this brief window of opportunity September 21st- 27th with Heather Helard.  Savannah lost one of the best Massage therapists and ‘bright lights’ when Heather moved out to the West Coast. For a few days in September, we get her back again!
I first met Heather several years ago at a social event. Our paths didn’t intersect again until years later when Heather came to one of my classes at the Yoga Co-Op. Upon talking with her, it was so clear how mindful, intuitive and awake she was and when I found out she was a massage therapist, I wasn’t surprised!

Massage Therapist, Heather Helard and Awesome Dog, Willie

I can say with all objectivity, her abilities to help her clients begin to heal themselves through her work is profound. Heather’s natural intuitiveness combined with a strong educational foundation allows her to offer Massage, Reiki and Bodywork services that are compassionate, healing and powerfully effective.

So don’t miss this opportunity to meet with Heather. It’s first come, first serve- so book now to assure your time with Heather. Appointment hours will be from 10AM-7PM daily  between September 21st- 27th.  She will be offering 65 and 95 minute massages only. Prices are $85 for 65 minutes and $120 for 95 minutes. Cash only, please.

You can contact Heather via email: healing@heatherhelard.com or by phone:  912.596.0961